1. How long you play for?

            We play for up to 2.5 hours with a short break finishing no later than 12:30 am.

  1. How long will it take to setup your equipment?

    We can usually be setup and ready to go in about 30-40 min . 

  2. Do you play waltz'?

    Yes. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for all age groups, we usually find that one set (3 or 4 waltz) is enough for most weddings, but if you would prefer a few more that is no problem either.

  3. Who chooses the music?

    With years of experience, members of the band are very skill-full at reading audiences and knowing what it takes to get them dancing . Of course every couple has favourite songs that they would like to hear. The Buachaills will work closely with every couple to make sure they have a memorable night. We will never commit to playing any song we have never played before without fully rehearsing it, therefore 4 weeks before the wedding I will make contact for a final chat on your special choices.

  4. What steps are involved in the band booking process?

    Here are the usual steps involved in booking the band for a private function:
    Give as much detail about your event as you can at this point. We pride ourselves on not throwing in hidden extras, and do not charge travel expenses, the price we quote is the price you pay.  Of course, if there are very large changes to your plan after your quote, it may involve an extra cost to you, so let us know of any changes as soon as you can and we will let you know if there is any extra cost straight away.
    Booking fee
    Once you are happy with the quote we will send you payment details for your non refundable booking fee.

    Details & Schedule
    Now that you have paid a booking fee, we are all yours!  

    We will touch base with you 6 weeks before the wedding to make sure everything is going to plan and finalize first dance choices etc.

    On the day

    The band will usually arrive at your venue 60 mins before the start time you give us. During the function, the band will continuously liaise with your function coordinator (for weddings usually best man or bridesmaid) to ensure that the night runs smoothly.  
    The Balance needs to be finalised on the night before we start or during the tea/coffee break. This means that we are not  interrupting your night  looking for payment and having to find who has the envelope for us. We can then pay the rest of the band right then and there – keeps the boys happy!  We recommend giving the cash to the bestman or groomsman earlier in the day.  We won't be offended if you don't talk to us on the night                                                                             
  5. Will the band play the music for the First Dance, or is a MP3 used?

    Depending on the instrumentation required it is not always possible for the band to play the first dance. We are always happy to give it a go in rehearsal but if we feel that it's going to disappoint we will offer the alternative of an MP3 .